Decal Shape: Square Cut or Custom Cut

Square cut decals vs. custom cut decals.

decal choicesAdhesive decals, labels and stickers are great products that help brand, market, identify and promote at economical prices. Printing digital decals or spot color decals is practically a no-brainer, it's the cutting of the decal that gets tricky, especially depending on the artwork that is submitted.

A lot of custom decals are intended and meant to be square cut, which is the easiest and least expensive type of decal cut, and work well for many different types of signs that require a printed decal application like bumper stickers and product labels. Custom cuts can be a bit more expensive but necessary to create the overall desired look.

Determining the cut on your printed decal, sticker or label is fairly easy and all comes down to the desired look you are going for. Decals that go on hardhats or wine bottles may not require a custom cut, whereas, window graphic decals would benefit from being custom cut to convey a more professional look.

square cut window decalSQUARE CUT DECALS:

(PICTURED: Square cut van decal) - Square cut decals and stickers are exactly as they sound...a decal printed onto vinyl or paper and cut to a square shape without any need for any custom cutting or die-cutting. This type of decal is easy to produce because there are not cut lines to set up. You just print and then cut the decal to a square shape and you're done. Other simple shapes decal shapes that are easy to achieve are ovals, rectangles, triangles, stars or circles as they don't require a lot of custom cutting of intricate details. Essentially a square cut decal, applied to any surface, will have a white background (or colored background depending on your artwork) and will not look like individual images or letters have been placed on the substrate.

custom vehicle decalsCUSTOM CUT DECALS:

(PICTURED: Custom cut vinyl lettering and decals for vehicle graphics) - Custom cutting decals tends to run a bit more monetarily wise because there is set-up involved that a standard square cut decal doesn't require. Depending on a customer's work custom cut decals can be easy or difficult depending on the design. Some custom cut decals only require a cloud-like shape around the decal to give it more of a unique look over just a printed square decal, whereas other decals like you find on vehicles graphics and window graphics, require intricate cutting around special characters, lettering or images so that when you remove the extra material created by teh cuts you have a customized image that has no background.

Choosing a square cut or a custom cut can definitely impact the overall appearance of your decal and the price. If custom cutting is no necessary, opt for a simple square cut and save money; if a custom cut is necessary, be prepared to pay a bit more, but have a more unique and sleek look.

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