Decal vinyls: Standard vs. Premium

What type of vinyl material do you need for your decals?

decal vinyl informationWhen purchasing adhesive decals you'll run into the issue of trying to figure out what type of vinyl decal best suits your decal needs and your decal budget. Since you have already determined that you are not in need of a paper decal/label you'll need to ask your self a few questions to determine which decal vinyl will work best for your project. Choosing the correct decal vinyl is a key component of ordering any decal and the following information will be helpful for determining just what type of vinyl is best for your specific decal needs.

Whether you purchase custom decals online or over the phone you will eventually be faced with the question of choosing a vinyl type for your decal. Sometimes decals are ordered on standard vinyl because they are cheaper than premium vinyl decals, but the standard vinyl may not be the best choice for a project over time, which may lead to having to order more decals earlier than expected. On the other hand there are decals ordered in premium vinyl, just because people assume that the more expensive vinyl is the best vinyl, when in fact money could have been saved purchasing standard vinyl (which is just as good a vinyl product as premium vinyl when used properly.)


Standard vinyl is the cheaper decal vinyl of the two and works well for most all normal applications on any smooth, non-porous surfaces. This grade of vinyl is suggested for window graphics, short term decals, wall graphics, vinyl lettering and bumper stickers. Standard vinyl decal material will last for years and hold up under all sorts of different weather conditions. Standard decal vinyl can be used indoors as well as outdoors and applied fairly easily to lots of different substrates.


Premium vinyl is a bit pricier than standard vinyl because it is more labor intensive to make and is thinner than standard vinyl, making it much more flexible during application, with a more aggressive adhesive on the back. Premium vinyl is highly recommended for any decals that go on vehicles (cars, boats, trucks, etc.) because it can conform to the shape of a vehicle better than standard vinyl. Premium vinyl last just as long as standard vinyl, but sometimes a lot longer, which means that if you need a decal to last more than a couple of years the better bet is to go with premium vinyl instead.

If you have any questions about which vinyl would best suit your decal needs, give our decal specialists a quick call at (866) 267-4467, and they will be happy to help you with all your decals needs and inquiries.

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