Vinyl Decal Application

How to Apply Vinyl Decals, Lettering and Graphics

vinyl decal application

Once your custom vinyl lettering, vinyl decals and vinyl graphics are purchased and delivered they'll need to be installed. These particular vinyl products can easily be installed in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner or can be applied by professional installers offered through your sign company or referred by your sign company.

For the first time installer, the task may seem daunting, depending on the size of the decal. It can be a bit nerve racking to be responsible for installing permanent vinyl decals to any surface, but with a little instruction, can be achieved without reservation. Purchasing and applying your own vinyl decals for vehicle graphics, window and wall lettering, etc.) is economical and cost effective and anybody can do it!

Here at we adhere to the "dry application method" because we find it to the best way to install vinyl decals for novices and experts alike with less room for error. Below you will find a short informative video that will walk you through the necessary steps of how to apply vinyl lettering visually. There are also written instructions below the video that can be printed as well.

(Please note: The vinyl lettering application method displayed below works for all types of vinyl decal installations.)


Vinyl images/lettering come sandwiched between transfer tape and a waxed paper liner. The transfer tape, on top of the vinyl, has a very low-tack adhesive that is used to keep the image/lettering pre-spaced. Vinyl should only be applied to a clean, non-porous surface. The smoother the surface, the better the adhesion and the longer the vinyl will last.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 1: Clean the Surface

Use glass cleaner and a dry cloth. Rub down the vinyl application area thoroughly to remove all debris. Vinyl applied over dirt and dust particles may cause the vinyl decal to bubble.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 2: Position the Decal

Measure and align where you would like to apply the vinyl decal and secure the to surface with tape at the corners. Take a step back and look at the decal to check for symmetrical positioning. Reposition the decal if necessary.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 3: Create a Hinge

Once you are satisfied with the position of the decal apply a piece of tape across the top of the decal that will create a hinge while keeping your vinyl decal in place.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 4: Remove Decal Backing

With the tape functioning as a hinge, simply flip the vinyl decal up and carefully remove the backing paper from the transfer tape. Removing the transfer tape on the back of the decal exposes the adhesive side of your decal.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 5: Apply to Surface

Pull the decal taut and apply the sticky side directly onto the surface of your substrate (car, glass, wall etc.) Start in the center and work up and down, left to right and strongly squeegee down the vinyl decal. Be sure to go over all areas firmly to force out air bubbles.

HOW TO APPLY VINYL | STEP 6: Remove Transfer Tape

Carefully peel away and remove the transfer tape to reveal your custom self-installed vinyl decal, vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics. If there are any visible bubbles simply take a push pin and puncture the surface of hte vinyl to release the trapped air underneath. 

Pat yourself on the back for a job well-done!

Now that wasn't so bad was it? You'll become a master vinyl installer in no time and just think of all the projects that vinyl decals, vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics can come in handy for around the house, the office and personal projects galore!


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