Vinyl Decal Ideas For Interior Decorating

Utilizing vinyl decals to decorate a home or office space.

vinyl wall decal

There are so many different ways to use vinyl decals to decorate any home or office from simple lettering to full blown wall murals. What's great about vinyl decals for interior decoration is that you don't have to invest in costly painting whenever you want to change up the motif. Vinyl decals are adhesive in nature and can be applied directly to lots of different non-porous surfaces like glass windows, painted walls, desks, counters, computer monitors, etc. And when the vinyl decal starts looking dated or needs to be updated, simply pull it off the surface and replace. Applying vinyl decals for interior decorating is fairly simple and can be done by just one person or two for larger pieces.

Interior decorating with vinyl decals is fun, creative and fairly inexpensive giving you complete freedom to make a truly one-of-a-kind impression on your visitors, employees or client's. Look around your space and see if one of these vinyl decal interior design ideas could work for you!


This particular kind of specialty vinyl gives the appearance of a sandblasted look when applied to a glass surface. Etched glass vinyl decals have a very soft look while still being bold and chic. A lot of offices utilize etched glass vinyl decals to serve as office petitions since there is a diffused quality in the vinyl muting the area and providing a semblance of privacy while still letting light come shining through. Etched glass frosted crystal vinyl decals can be ordered a variety of ways including just plain lettering; as blocks of material for striping (as seen in the picture to the left); or custom cut to just about any logo or design.

cut vinyl wall decalsVINYL WALL DECALS

Vinyl wall decals are very popular in both home decoration and office decoration. Easily applied and removed without any damage to the underlying surface makes vinyl wall decals very attractive over painting. Vinyl wall decals can be created by cutting out letters and shapes from solid sheets of vinyl or by digitally printing images onto adhesive white vinyl, that can also be cut to shape, for dazzling visual displays.

window letteringVINYL WINDOW DECALS

As with vinyl wall decals, vinyl window decals, are a great way to decorate and enhance blank window spaces. Vinyl window decals are produced the same way as vinyl wall decals utilizing solid colored vinyl or digitally printed images. Vinyl window decals can be applied to the inside or outside of glass, depending on your window decal needs, and withstand most typical cleaning products and the elements.


One very under-utilized interior area that is most often overlooked for interior design graphics is the floor. Floor graphics can help sell, direct and inform by simply being placed in strategic areas that will be seen and noticed right as people are walking on by. Floor decals consist of the same production methods as wall and window decals with either solid color vinyl or digital prints or a combination of both.

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