Decal Faq's: Questions and Answers

1. When ordering decals, what is the normal turn around time for an order?

Our normal turn-around time for decals is about 2 - 3 business days after customer approval. For larger orders or specialty decals, the lead time may take up to 7 - 10 business days. In all cases we work closely with our customers to meet their decal deadline needs.

2. What exactly is Computer Cut Vinyl?

It's just like it says, basically it's a big sticker cut out of adhesive vinyl to a shape (like a letter or a basketball etc.). After the vinyl is cut to shape it can then be applied to any smooth, non-porous substrate (for example: windows, walls, aluminum, PVC, vehicles, painted wood, etc.)

3. What is Vector art?

Vector art is like line art. If you'd put a pen on a piece of paper and draw, the lines would be vector shapes. Circles and squares are simple vector images. Our "knife" blade plotter cuts vinyl film by following the trace of the vector images. Here is a visual to show how a vector art image should look if done properly.

4. What is a Raster Image?

Raster is more of a photograph, with gradients, soft meshes, textures, etc not just outlined shapes as described above (vector art). You could not cut out a raster image out of vinyl. Raster images are usually printed as 4 color process prints.

5. What programs let me save in vector formats?

Adobe Illustrator, In-Design and Corel Draw are the major software makers out there offering vector based programming. Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files are not vector based and can't be cut to shape.

6. When do I save a raster image, and when do I save as Vector?

Vector is the file format you use when the image is made with paths and fills and is the only format you can cut adhesive vinyl from. If your decal needs to be cut to a specific shape, you will need to submit vector artwork for the correct output. Raster would be used for photos, complex images, gradation colors and all other images containing more than two or three colors, that need to be cut to a square or rectangular shape only. Raster images can only be printed.  Vector images can be printed and computer cut.

7. How should I give you my artwork?

It all depends on what kind of product we are producing. If we are producing decals with 1, 2, 3, or 4 spot colors, that are being cut to shape, the best format is a vector file. In most cases, if you can give it to us as a vectored file format, we should have no problem working with your artwork. If we are producing digitally printed raster decals, that are not cut to shape, then a high resolution (72 - 150 ppi at full size) .TIF, .JPG or .PDF will work just fine.

8. Can you print from any Microsoft ".doc, .ppt., .xls" files?

The Microsoft platform is not intended to be used for graphic design. Generally we can't print large format decals from files submitted in those particular formats. We can, however, use them as a guideline for re-creating a vector or raster based image to print.

9. What's the largest file size I can email you?

We can accept up to 64 megs through our site. If you have a file of a larger size we suggest you ZIP the files and send them that way, or call our art department at (866) 267-4467 to arrange other means.

10. How long will your decals last?

It all depends on the type of vinyl decals you purchase. Digitally printed decals will usually last about 1 - 5 years depending on your vinyl and lamination choice. Our digital decals are printed with fade-resistant inks, and we suggest adding lamination, to prolong the longevity of the print. Spot color cut vinyl decals will usually last about 5 - 7 years.

11. Are your prices competitive?

When comparing apples to apples we believe our prices are very competitive. We always put out the highest quality for the same price as our competitors. We will never sacrifice quality for price.

12. Do you ship to our location?

We ship to anywhere in the United States using UPS as our common courier. If you have any special shipping requests or would like to inquire about alternative couriers, please give our customer service department a call at (866) 267-4467.

13. What programs do you use to print your decals.

We use proprietary sign making software. But if your curious, we use Gerber Omega and Roland Versa Works for most of our vinyl cutting and digital printing.  We use the common layout and graphic design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, In-Design, etc.) as "bridge" software into our sign making programs.

14. Why shouldn't I use my web site images for decals?

Web images can be great if they are high resolution images and very large in size. Unfortunately, most web designers strive to make images load quickly on web sites, thus making the files very small and compact. For an image to load quickly, the file size is usually small and the resolution is usually only 72dpi.  When this small image is enlarged for sign making, the overall quality is usually very poor and results in a very blurry or pixelated image. Also, all web images are in a raster (bitmap) format, which can only be printed and not vinyl cut (see raster vs vector artwork).

15. How long will it take before I receive my decals?

This depends on a few factors...Decal type, Decal quantity and your location.

1). Decal Type: Most all standard digital and vinyl cut decals are produced within about 2 - 3 business days and then shipped or picked up in our Orange County showroom when completed.

2.) Decal Quantity: High quantity orders can take a longer time to produce and ship. In all instances, the customer will be informed ahead of time, of the projected lead time on all high quantity decal orders.

3.) Shipping time.  We are located in Orange County which is situated in Southern California. Normal UPS Ground shipping times range from 1 - 5 business days depending on your shipment destination. Please inquire about expedited shipping if you need your banner before normal production and shipment transit times.

16. What vinyl material should I use for my decal/sticker?

Choosing a decal vinyl material mainly depends on how you will be utilizing your custom decals/stickers. For temporary low-cost decals our standard vinyl without lamination might work just fine. However, decals that are being placed on a vehicle that will endure constant washing and abuse from the elements, we would suggest our premium high-performance vinyl with a laminate. If you need help with choosing a vinyl decal material, give our friendly and knowledgeable sales team at call at (866) 267-4467, and they will be glad to help you choose the right product for your needs.

17. How should I save my artwork files?

Vector is the overall preferred file format to submit for all art files. But,  bitmap (raster) format files, will work perfectly for any digitally printed square or rectangular shaped decal. Please call a customer service representative at (866) 267-4467 if you have any questions, or submit your artwork for a FREE review by clicking on our UPLOAD or GET A QUOTE options on the home page.

18. Can you put my logo on into decal form?

The answer is almost always...Yes! If you have a vector format file of your logo, there should be no problem at all in producing a digital or vinyl cut decal or sticker for you. If you done have a vector file of your logo, you may submit any artwork you have for a FREE evaluation, to determine if we can create a file that can be vectorized for cutting.

19. What is the largest decal size you offer?

In the end, large or small, we can print and cut to just about any size imagineable with the proper file. All decals upto 42" in height (by whatever length) can be printed and cut to shape in one solid piece. For decals over 42" in height we may need to print the decal in sections, that can be applied like wallpaper, for a completed over-sized decal.

20. Can you help me with a design for my custom decals?

Absolutely! If you do not have ready to print artwork we can more than likely help you with a design to produce your custom decals. If you have no artwork, please give one of our sales consultants a call at (866) 267-4467, and discuss your design ideas. If you have bits and pieces of artwork, you can submit those via a quote request, and one of our sales team will give you a call after they review your art pieces to discuss your design needs. Please note that there may be design fees assessed when utilizing our graphic designers.

21. Can you match my colors for digitally printed decals?

In most cases we can come close to matching your desired colors if you supply us a vector file. However, in many cases, what you see on your computer monitor will not match the printed image. All printed colors react differently on various mediums (i.e. Vinyl, Paper, Polyester, etc.) When producing digitally printed decals, we can come close to the colors you want, but can't guarantee they will be an exact match.  If exact colors are needed, please consult with our customer service representatives, for further details (866)267-4467.

22. What is a spot color decal? What is process color?

When choosing a spot color decal you will use a vinyl material that has a pre-determined color that is fixed (i.e. Yellow, Black, Gray, White, etc.). If you choose a spot color "red" decal, then your decal would be cut out of red vinyl, unlike process color decals, that are printed on white and the color "red" would be a mix of four different CMYK colors (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black) to create that particular hue. Spot color decals are pure colors that are constant, while process colors can vary widely, when printed.

23. What determines my vinyl material choice for decals?

Determining which vinyl material you should use for your decals depends on a few factors: what type of surface will they be adhered to and how long they need to last. And depending on the answer to those two questions you can then determine if your decals will require laminatino or not. Call a sales specialist, at (866) 267-4467, if you are not sure about which type of vinyl you should use for your decals.

24. What does "taped and ready for application" mean?

Basically that means that your decal will have a very low-tack tape applied to the front of the decal, to keep it in place and help with installation. Smaller decals don't need to be taped because they can be easily applied by hand. Larger decals, however, take a bit more skill to install and can't just be pulled off the backing paper and placed onto a surface without running the risk of creases or excessive bubbling. Transfer tape also keeps your cut vinyl decal lettering in place for your to apply so that you don't have to pull every character off the backing paper and place it by hand.

25. Do you have a video showing how to apply vinyl?

Yes. Since we serve a national clientele, as well as local customers, we created a short video to show just how easy it is to install your own cut vinyl lettering and decals. Please see our "How To Apply Vinyl" video for a brief presentation on how to apply your digital decals or cut vinyl decals.

26. Is ordering on the Internet Secure?

We provide an extremely secure internet ordering system with an SSL encrypted server for all our online orders. But if you do not want to place your order online, please give us a call during our operating hours of Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST), and one of our friendly sales representations will gladly help you.

27. What constitutes a decal vs. a sticker?

There is a lot of gray area between what is considered a sticker or a decal. Essentially both of them have one thing in common...they are adhesive. But we have simplified the designation between them both as this: A sticker is mainly considered something that is used shorterm like bumperstickers or labels; whereas, a decal is for more long term use on vehicles, windows and walls, etc. Also, you can consider a sticker to have just a basic square, rectangle, circular or oval finished shape with a decal having a contour cut (die cut) making it a bit more complex.

29. To laminate, or not too laminate, that is the question.

Lamination depends on where you install your decal and the environment that your decal will be in. If your decal will be out in the elements and you want your decal to last for a long time then you absolutely should laminate. If your decal will be indoors, then you may not need a laminate, since it will not endure harsh weather conditions and/or constant cleaning. When in doubt, give our decal specialists a call, and they will help you determine if your decal will require an extra level of protection with lamination.

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