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Forget the paint...apply your own vinyl window letters in minutes!

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Why paint when you can purchase do-it-yourself vinyl window letters and install them yourself? These adhesive pre-spaced window letters can be applied in minutes and taken down and replaced when and if necessary. Window letters look even more professional than painting because they are computer cut and have constant color and fluidity.

Window letters have many different uses and can be informational, as well as, a decorative garnish for extra window flair. Window letters can also be combined with custom window decals, for an even more layered look, to completely customize a window with company graphics, information and more. And don't forget about about the sophisticated look of frosted crystal vinyl. Frosted crystal letters can also be coupled with your own personal graphics for an etched glass look that is economical and classy looking all at the same time.

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Vinyl Window Letter Choices - Most Popular

Intermediate (Standard) Calendered Vinyl

Intermediate cut vinyl has a thickness of 3mm and is ideal for just about any smooth, non-porous substrate (glass, painted wood, aluminum, plastic, etc.). Intermediate vinyl will typically last for 5 - 7 years without any fading, cracking or peeling depending on the severity of exposure to the elements. Intermediate vinyl is typically applied to the face or outside of a surface, but can be mirror cut, to be applied to the back or behind a surface (i.e. the inside of a glass door, backside of a clear acrylic piece, etc.) Intermediate vinyl letters can also be ordered separately or coupled with digitally printed decals to create visually stunning graphics as well.


  • Windows (interior and exterior)
  • Short-term or temporary use on Cars, Trucks, Vans & Boats
  • Smooth Walls (not recommended for textured walls)
  • Smooth Floors (short term use)
  • Smooth substrates like plexiglass, aluminum, acrylic, steel, corrugated plastic, PVC, vinyl banners and more.

High-Performance (Premium) Caste Vinyl

High-performance cut vinyl has a thickness of 2mm and is ideal for smooth or slightly textured surfaces. High-performance cut vinyl is slightly thinner than intermediate vinyl and has a more aggressive adhesive making it ideal for vehicle graphics or vehicle wraps especially where the vehicle in question has bolts, ridges, molding, indentions or contours of any kind. High-performance cut vinyl typically last 7 - 10 years and withstands the elements and repeated cleanings very well. High-performance vinyl can also be cut to accommodate inside or outside applications.


  • Long term use on all vehicle, truck, van, boat, etc.
  • Textured or contour surfaces like floors, walls, vehicles, etc.
  • Extended long term use on outdoor substrates like plexiglass, aluminum, vinyl banners, MDO wood signs, PVC, steel, etc.)

Specialty Vinyls

Etched Glass/Frosted Crystal

Etched glass vinyl (also called frosted crystal vinyl) is a great product for glass surfaces taht has the look of sand blased glass without the cost or the mess. This slightly grayish material has a diffused look making it somewhat translucent while somewhat opaque as well. Etched glass vinyl has a very sophisticated and sleek look and is a very popular vinyl chosen by businesses.


  • Interior and exterior business windows or glass
  • When applied to windows, glass walls or doors and used as privacy partitions
  • Decorative embellishments on glass and mirrors around the home and office.

Reflective Vinyl

Reflective vinyl is a specialty vinyl that is predominantly used for signage that requires night visibility. During daylight, reflective vinyl letters, will appear just as normal vinyl lettering; but as soon as the sun goes down the reflective properties of this slightly metallic looking vinyl take over, and when a light source passes over the vinyl, it reflects light back which results in a slightly illuminated look. Besides being used for cut vinyl lettering, reflective vinyl can accommodate digital printing, thus creating fully custom reflective digital decals as well.


  • Taxi's, work trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.
  • For emergency vehicles like police cars, ambulances, medical transports, fire trucks, etc.
  • Parking lot markers or directional signs that need to be seen at night
  • Road signs on public or private streets for night time identification

Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl is another specialty vinyl that adds a little more flair to your cut vinyl letters by having a slightly metallic look that is produced by mixing in tiny metal flakes when creating the vinyl material. While the metallic look of this particular specialty vinyl is not overtly noticeable like metallic paint jobs, it does give your vinyl lettering a bit of sparkling diversity over regularly colored vinyl. We predominantly stock Gold and Silver metallic vinyl, but upon request, can order other available metallic vinyl colors.


  • Numbers and letters for offices, buildings or housing
  • Outdoor use for identification, branding or decoration.
  • In combination with vehicle decals or custom graphics.
  • Indoor or outdoor suite signs

Gold/Silver Mirror

Gold mirror vinyl and Silver mirror vinyl have the appearance of a polished metal. Both of these specialty vinyls are sometimes mistaken for metallic vinyls, but unlike the flaky look of metallic vinyl, gold and silver mirror vinyls actually mimic an actual mirror by reflecting back an image.


  • Residential or commercial lettering and numbering
  • In combination with window or wall decals and graphics
  • On vehicles for more decorative numbering and lettering
  • Office suite signs for interior or exterior use.

Please call us at (866) 267-4467 if you have any cut vinyl material questions, need pricing or would like a custom cut vinyl window etter quote.

How to order cut vinyl window letters with

Window lettering is a great way to advertise, decorate or inform on storefront windows, vehicle windows, home and office windows or on glass doors and partitions.

Determine a size to price your window lettering.

For every inch in height window lettering can be seen roughly from about 30 feet away. For window lettering that only needs to be seen from a short distance you can choose a smaller size; and for window lettering that needs to be seen from far away choose a larger size. Also, remember to measure your available window or glass space and then do a little math to make sure the letters will fit (multiply the letter height by 0.85 to determine the width of the wall letter and then multiply the total characters by the single character width.) If the width of all your characters exceeds the available space then you may need to choose a smaller window letter size or break the text into multiple lines. Once you have settled on the perfect size for your window lettering, reference the pricing tab on this page for your overall window lettering pricing.)
(PLEASE NOTE: Orders in excess of $ 200.00 may be subject to discounted pricing, please call us at (866) 267-4467 to discuss.)

Choose a window vinyl material.

Intermediate vinyl is the most cost effective and appropriate vinyl material choice for window lettering since they are smooth glass surfaces. High performance vinyl really isn't necessary for window lettering, but can be ordered nevertheless. Another great vinyl material choice for window lettering is etched glass (frosted crystal) which gives a classic sand-blasted look without the cost. You may also choose from our other specialty vinyls for your window lettering (please call for any window lettering pricing that is not including on the pricing tab.)

Give us a call to place an order or request a quote.

All vinyl letter orders are placed over the phone by calling (866) 267-4467, as we'll need to obtain information from the customer about vinyl sizes, vinyl choices, font styles, color options and the like. You can also request a Window Lettering Quotation online and submit any art files you may have for your custom vinyl lettering. Either way you'll be greeted by a friendly and curteous sales representative, that can walk you through the whole window letter ordering process, by answering any questions you may have about custom window lettering.

If you have any questions about vinyl window lettering sizes, colors, fonts or pricing, give us a call at (866) 267-4467 and we'll be happy to help! Our operating hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

Frequently asked Window lettering questions


Absolutely!! Sending your own file that is "cut-ready" (vector .pdf, .ai or .eps) is preferable and allows us to quickly fulfill your window lettering order. If there are no files to supply us with for your window lettering or your art file is a raster image (.jpg, .tif, .png or .gif) our design team will work with you to create a custom lettering design based on your specifications and needs.


In regards to color, white and light colors, tend to visually be the best choice for vinyl window lettering. Dark colors on glass tend to be harder to see and read and are practically invisible at night unless the area is illuminated. If dark colors are a part of your brand and you want to stick with color scheme adding a white border around the window lettering will help make them more visible. In regards to font choices, that can vary widely from person to person, depending on their personal tastes and visibility needs. (Please see our help section for vinyl color choices and vinyl font styles.)


The answer to this question depends upon two things: how far away your lettering needs to be visible from and what is the available glass space where the lettering will be applied. To determine at what distance the window lettering can be viewed from expect that for every inch in letter (character) height the visibility is approximately 25 to 30 feet. So essentially a 4 inch tall letter can be seen from roughly about 100 feet away. And then you'll need to assess the window lettering application area to make sure your custom vinyl lettering size will fit. To figure this out multiply your chosen letter height by 0.85 which will give you the width of the character, then multiply the total number of window letters to determine the whole width of text. If the text won't fit on the available space you may need to split up the text into lines or choose a different size to better fit the area.


The answer to this question is yes, even though as a general rule of thumb, window lettering is almost always applied to the front of glass surfaces. But if you'd like  your window lettering applied to the inside of any glass surface to face outwards you'll just need to specify that the vinyl be "mirror cut". Please keep in mind that most all windows/glass are tinted, which can affect the visibility of the lettering, depending on the severity of the tint. 


Vinyl window lettering is fairly easy to install for the do-it-yourselfer. All that's needed are a few key tools (tape and a squeegee or credit card) and for the surface (window) to be clean and dry. Most window lettering can be installed within minutes by yourself or with the help of another for larger blocks of text. Please check out our short video on "How to Install Vinyl Letters ", which will walk you through the window lettering installation process. We also recommend ordering our inexpensive Vinyl Application Kit in conjunction with your custom window lettering that includes a set of written instructions for reference; a squeegee to use to apply your window lettering and to keep for any future do-it-yourself lettering applications; and a small bottle of special vinyl application solution that helps aide the installation and adhesion of your custom vinyl window lettering.


Depending on how much exposure to the sun your window lettering will receive typically dictates the longevity of this custom product. Intermediate vinyl lasts about  5 to 7 years, while high performance vinyl can last around 7 to 10 years, possible more without any fading, cracking or peeling. But if the glass/window that your vinyl lettering will be on receives lots of direct sunlight for a godo portion of the day then the initial lifespan of the vinyl itself may be compromised and fade, crack or peel quicker than normal.

If you have any other questions about vinyl window lettering that aren't covered in this Q&A page feel free to give us a call at (866) 267-4467.

For further information on our custom window lettering, window decals or window graphics, please call Quick Signs at (866) 267-4467.

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